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University Of Life

School of Life Sciences, Gibbet Hill Campus, The University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL Email: life dot sciences at warwick dot ac dot uk Tel: +44 (0)24 765 74251 Warwick Crop Centre is located on our Wellesbourne campus.

University of Life

The diversity of life on Earth is profound, but evidence implies it may have arisen from non-living matter only once in our deep history. What conditions and circumstances led it to begin on Earth? From what properties and pathways of chemistry can life arise naturally? And do other planets have these same chemicals and conditions, serving host to life throughout the universe?

From Mars to far beyond, our search is intensifying for evidence that life is not unique to planet Earth. I will show intersections between astro- and geochemical environments and prebiotic chemistry, which help us understand potential pathways to life - in the Solar System or exoplanets.

This seminar will give an overview of how concepts from colloidal science and self-assembly can contribute to our understanding of how life originated from simple molecules. As a case study, the discussion will cover one process thought to be extremely favourable for the emergence of life: the ability for primitive cells to form networks and adhere, leading to robust communities that can share nutrients and genetic advantages. We first self-assemble solutions of giant unilamellar vesicles using fatty acids to use as a model system. The membranes are highly dynamic compared to phospholipid membranes, leading to interesting outcomes in self-assembly. The membranes also readily encapsulate RNA, and can store elastic energy. We will then discuss how the same membranes can also self-assemble into networks ranging from pairs to three-dimensional rafts. At first, the ability for the membranes to adhere appears confounding: like-charged membranes typically repel in the absence of fusogens or adhesives. We find that the observed aggregation can also be attributed to the dynamic properties of the bilayer system.

Meteorites provide a record of the chemical processes that occurred in the early solar system before life began on Earth. The delivery of complex organic compounds by carbonaceous chondrites to the early Earth and other planetary bodies could have been an important source of prebiotic organic compounds required for the emergence of life. Of particular interest is the study of meteoritic amino acids and their enantiomeric compositions since these molecules are the monomers of proteins common to all life on Earth. The single chirality observed in biological molecules - left-handed amino acids and right-handed sugars - is a property important for molecular recognition processes and is thought to be a prerequisite for life. In contrast to biology, all known non-biological reactions result in equal mixtures of left- and right-handed (L = D) amino acids and sugars. Therefore, how the nearly exclusive production of one hand of such molecules arose from what were presumably equal mixtures of L and D molecules in a prebiotic world has been an area of intensive research. A predominance of left- over right-handed amino acids (up to 60%) has been found in some meteorites, but how this large amino acid asymmetry came about remains unclear. This talk will discuss the possible chemical origins of amino acids and other prebiotic organic compounds in meteorites and the implications for the origin of homochirality in life on Earth and the search for chemical evidence of life elsewhere.

Responding to the continuous need for End-of-Life care education, the University of Vermont Professional and Continuing Education offers a fully-online 8-week End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate that will help prepare you to meet the growing demand for end-of-life support as people live longer and the course of the average dying process continues to become increasingly gradual and anticipated.

Many people consider their pets members of the family. When a beloved dog, cat, horse, or other companion animal is nearing end-of-life, the stress of decision-making coupled with the demands of caregiving can easily become overwhelming. Enter the End-of-Life Doula specializing in companion animals.

Syamantak is inspired by Dr.Srinath Kalbag,who brought life into our vision, his wife Meera Kalbag our beloved Amma connecting us from science to spirituality, and our greatest teacher, our spiritual master Mr Subhashchandra Desai, fondly known as Dadaji. His blessings is a book of wisdom.

"University of Life" is a residential community center. Processes of self-designed organic learning run by the residents of Syamantak community. It may appear to others as vocational education. But what we are aiming is not vocational education, but education using real life activities as a medium of spiritual self-evolvement, exploration of social entrepreneurship skills with the perspective of ecological sustainability and social justice.We invite to "University of Life" all those who thirst for progress and aspire to a higher and truer life.

The University of Sydney and Taronga Conservation Society Australia have been awarded the Silver Award in the QS Reimagine Education The Power of Partnerships Award for our partnership that has resulted in the innovative degree Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Taronga Wildlife Conservation).

Traditionally, there has been a focus on the academic side of university. But with more young people studying for degrees in an increasingly competitive job market, it is now becoming clear that a degree alone is not enough for young people to succeed in the world of work.

Even if two young people go to the same university and achieve the same degree classification, if one of them is from a higher socio-economic background, they will be more likely to gain a top job, and also to earn a higher salary, than their equally academically qualified peers from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

This report, authored by Rebecca Montacute, with Erica Holt-White and Alice Gent, looks at a range of activities offered at university, to examine how well they develop employability and essential life skills in students, as well as whether access to such opportunities differs by socio-economic background.

Our Supportive and Palliative Care Service provides care for patients and families who face life-threatening illnesses. The service offers pain and symptom management, support in dealing with emotional stress and social issues, and spiritual support. The team works with the patient's primary medical doctor. A physician may contact the Supportive and Palliative Care consultation service for assistance with any University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics patient.

Supportive and palliative care is a program for children with serious or life-threatening illnesses. It is designed to support quality of life and to prevent or relieve suffering for children and their families, regardless of the stage of illness.

Background: Stress among pharmacy students could greatly affect their learning activities and general well-being. It is therefore necessary to investigate how stress relates with the quality of life of students to maintain and/or improve their personal satisfaction and academic performance. A school-based longitudinal study was used to investigate the relationship between stress and quality of life of undergraduate pharmacy students. The 10-item perceived stress scale and the shorter version of the WHO quality of life scale were administered to the same participants at two time points i.e. Time 1 (4 weeks into the semester) and Time 2 (8 weeks afterwards). The correlations and differences between the study variables were tested using the Pearson's coefficient and independent sample t test.

Conclusion: The study reported significant correlations between stress and various domains of quality of life of undergraduate pharmacy students. It is thus necessary to institute some personal and institutional strategies to ameliorate the effect of stress on the quality of life of pharmacy students while encouraging the use of positive stress management strategies.

In terms of sustainability and social responsibility, CZU is repeatedly the best-rated university in the country. In this year's international UI Green Metric University Ranking, which evaluates the sustainability of universities, it ranked 62nd out of 956 universities.

Kevin Garey, professor of pharmacy practice and translational research at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy is reporting the first well-controlled study to demonstrate that a microbiome therapeutic, SER-109, is associated with significant quality of life improvement in patients with the debilitating recurrent infection and disease caused by Clostridium difficile (or C. diff).

In the world of superbugs (bacteria that have grown resistant to antibiotics), C. diff is among the most stubborn. Symptoms of C. diff infection are not only life-threatening but can persist for long periods, especially in persons with recurrent disease.

Background: Health promoting lifestyle (HPL) focuses on life promotion through lifestyle which consists of six aspects of "physical activity", "nutrition", "health responsibility", "spiritual growth", "interpersonal relations" and "stress management". This lifestyle promotes health and welfare and induces satisfaction, self-persuasion and self-improvement. Considering the importance of the way a new behavior affects "life quality" as a motivational factor for starting and continuing that behavior, this study aimed to determine the relationship between health-promoting lifestyle and its aspects.

Materials and methods: This cross-sectional study was performed on undergraduate students at School of Health, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, using a census method. Health promoting lifestyle was measured by Health Promotion Lifestyle Profile two and life quality was assessed by the Persian version of QLQ-C30 questionnaire. Data analysis was conducted using descriptive and inferential statistical tests in SPSS. 041b061a72

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