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Erotic Cartoon _VERIFIED_

Cartoon pornography, or animated pornography, is the portrayal of illustrated or animated fictional cartoon characters in erotic or sexual situations. Animated cartoon pornography or erotic animation, is a subset of the larger field of adult animation, not all of which is sexually explicit.

erotic cartoon

Because historically most cartoons have been produced for child and all-ages audiences, cartoon pornography has sometimes been subject to criticism and extra scrutiny compared to live-action erotic films or photographs. It is somewhat common in Japan, where it is part of a genre of entertainment commonly referred to outside of Japan as hentai.

The Golden Age of Porn, which saw mainstream filmmakers and cinemas tentatively experiment with sexually explicit material with fully developed plots and storytelling themes, also saw some renewed interest in similar erotic animation.[6] Examples include Out of an Old Man's Head (1968) by Per Åhlin and Tage Danielsson,[6] Tarzoon: Shame of the Jungle (1975) by Picha and Boris Szulzinger,[6] and Historias de amor y masacre (1979) by Jorge Amorós.[6] Animator Ralph Bakshi produced Fritz the Cat (1972) (based loosely on the comic of Robert Crumb), which was the first animated film to receive an "X" rating in the US.[7] The Italian film Il nano e la strega (released in English as King Dick, 1973) was a Medieval fantasy story told entirely by hand-drawn animation. Once Upon a Girl (1976) featured live-action framing sequences around pornographic versions of well-known fairy tales.[6] Animerama was a series of animated erotic films begun by Osamu Tezuka: A Thousand and One Nights (1969), Cleopatra (1970), and Belladonna of Sadness (1973).[8][9] In addition, Known as mockbusters: Maruhi Gekiga, Ukiyoe Senichiya (1969), Do It! Yasuji's Pornorama (1971) released.

In the early 21st century, producers began applying digital animation technology to erotic material. In 2000, Playboy TV began running the erotic dystopian sci-fi series Dark Justice, which used 3D animation, and ran for 20 episodes.[10][11][12] In 2001, illustrator Joe Phillips released The House of Morecock, a comedic erotic feature film for gay and bisexual male audiences, made using 2D digital animation.[13]

The legal status of cartoon pornography varies from country to country. In addition to the normal legal status of pornography, some cartoon pornography depicts potentially minor (that is, underage) characters engaging in sexual acts. One of the primary reasons for this may be due to the many cartoons featuring major characters who are not adults.[22] Cartoon pornography does not always have depictions of minors in sexual acts or situations, but that which does may fall under the jurisdiction laws concerning child pornography. Drawings of pre-existing characters can in theory be in violation of copyright law, no matter what the situation the characters are shown in.[23]

In that regard it is not unique, though its execution certainly deserves special praise. The truth is that animated films that push social conventions, and that specifically do so through eroticism have existed for decades. Below is a short list looking at some of those projects from around the world.

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Roger Testu/Tetsu (1913-2008) was a French painter and cartoonist who began his career in the 1950s. Besides his obvious talent and skill, the reason why we pay attention to this honored master of caricatures is that his works remind us of both Roland Topor and Georges Wolinski, whom we passionately love and to whom our previous articles were devoted. Although, the circle of amusing associations we cannot but mention here is far vaster. 041b061a72

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