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[S2E1] Eruptions [HOT]

The documentary pairs fun and upbeat music choices with footage of a couple happy to be doing what they loved. This is often contrasted perfectly with somber, poignant shots of beautiful but deadly lava flow and volcanic ash, along with fossilized animal victims of eruptions. Viewers are given a glimpse into what it would be like to find someone else who shares a passionate, dangerous obsession with awe-inspiring natural phenomena, someone who would rather live a short life doing what they love rather than a long life of nothing in particular. Everything is tied together by the poetic musings of a narrator and the equally reverent observations from the Kraffts themselves in archival recordings.

[S2E1] Eruptions

Frank Trusdell, research geologist at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, which is part of the U.S. Geological Survey, said data indicates that Mauna Loa has a much larger magma reservoir than Kilauea, which may allow it to hold more lava and rest longer between eruptions than Kilauea.

Volcanic unrest hazards occur on and near the volcano, and may include steam eruptions, volcanic gases,earthquakes, landslides, uplift, subsidence, changes to hot springs, and/or lahars (mudflows).

In case you missed the news, Armageddon has come early. A mountain popped its load in Iceland and now Europe has returned to the Victorian ages as far as transport goes. Last night's history-making, televised UK election debates (US readers: Yeah, we only just got those) were actually overshadowed by a story aboutash. We want a slice of that volcanic action - after all, if we believe the media we could all be sat in Purgatory awaiting our fate on Judgement Day by next Tuesday. So what better way to bow out before 'death bylungs full ofglass filings',than a quick round-up of the most memorable volcanic game eruptions - because in games, volcanos are safe and controllable and don't leave a nasty sulphurous taste in your mouth. 041b061a72

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