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[S3E5] Away Mission ((HOT))

What started off as a mission to investigate vampires in the 1890's somehow led to Damien being raised from the dead by a demon named, Mollus. This show is so utterly ridiculous that it's hard not to have a ball while watching it.

[S3E5] Away Mission

It was disappointing that vampires weren't a part of their mission in the end because Mick would have had a ball going all vampire slayer on them. The man carries a stake around with him, for Pete's sake. That was so quintessentially Mick, it was worth a chortle or two.

Jax was no good on any sort of mission with noticeable memory loss. He was putting Dory from Finding Nemo to shame. He and Ray struggling to hide what they were doing from Stein was the weakest aspect of the hour.

Ro Laren, with Ro as her surname, first appeared in the Season 5 episode, "Ensign Ro." As a Bajoran, she grew up under the Cardassian Occupation, having caused her people to scatter among refugee camps. Eventually, she witnessed Cardassians interrogate, torture, and murder her father. The shame she initially experienced due to this and the poor quality of life at the camps pushed her to run away, but she would later overcome that shame to appreciate her heritage. After graduating from Starfleet Academy, one of Ro's posts was aboard the USS Wellington. While on an away mission, her rebellious nature cost the away team their lives. She was subsequently court-martialed and imprisoned.

Ro is released, however, and reinstated (but demoted) to Starfleet as an Ensign in exchange for locating a Bajoran terrorist in a star system she was familiar with. When they reach the location of the terrorist, Ro disappears. Picard (Patrick Stewart) beams down with an away team anyway and finds Ro with a group of armed Bajorans, who let Picard know that they did not commit the act of terrorism against a Federation colony that they were wanted for.

After one of the Maquis members dies in a Cardassian attack, Ro begins to question her loyalties due to his final words, "When an old fighter like me dies, someone always steps forward to take his place." While she wants validation from Picard, but she also feels belonging to the resistance group. Ro tries to lie to try to cancel the attack, but Picard sees through this causing her to reassure him that she would carry out her duties. When it was time for the attack, the Captain sends Riker (Jonathan Frakes) on the mission with her to ensure its success, but Ro still fires a particle beam to reveal the Starfleet forces hidden nearby, revealing them to the Maquis. She allows Riker to return to the Enterprise on the shuttlecraft, but not before she asks him to tell Picard that she was sorry and beams to a Maquis ship. Considering Picard's faith in the officer and Ro's need for Picard's approval, this is quite a blow that Picard hasn't managed to let go of, even decades later.

While Ross kicked off his mission with Drake and others, Caroline extended an invite for Demelza to be a part of high society for a night. Of course, George and Elizabeth were going to be there, which meant that George was going to get her the most expensive piece of jewelry possible to show her off.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Cheol receives a call from a mystery person claiming he has several missions. The first includes making sure Dan-Tae gives him his absolute trust. The second involves him heading out in the middle of the night.

Another week and another new episode of Trek to talk about. In the fourth episode of PRODIGY the kids go on their first away mission to a strange new world. Things go about as smooth as you would expect and they are in over their heads almost immediately. But how did we feel about this new execution of a staple Trek concept? Watch or listen to our chat and deep look to find out.

Elsewhere, Miss Martian sets up her own team to go with Big Bear. Impulse, now wearing the Kid Flash costume, joins Blue Beetle and the others to go on the space mission. They also witness Orion committing another crime in front of the Bugs.

In the new half hour, which starts streaming Thursday, November 11 on Paramount+, the crew of the USS Protostar is being outfitted with your regular assortment of Starfleet toys before their first away mission. That includes a tricorder, a phaser, and a cool new vehicle; all of which are completely alien to the, uh, aliens of the crew.

Written by Lisa Schultz Boyd and directed Steve Ahn and Sung Shin, the episode will follow the crew of the U.S.S. Protostar as they take on their first away mission.

NASA director and engineer Margo Madison and Roscosmos engineer Sergei Nikulov, who worked closely together during the Apollo-Soyuz mission, exchanged information from each other's space programs to help the progress of their Mars missions, despite competing against each other. Nikulov was forced to ask Madison for NASA's nuclear engine design on their spacecraft, Sojourner 1, and she was subsequently blackmailed by the KGBW after she refused, who threatened to kill Nikulov, whom she was very close with.[2]

Edward Baldwin was originally the planned commander for NASA's first manned mission to Mars, and wanted to bring his daughter, Kelly, with him. But he was replaced by Danielle Poole, a close friend of him, after Molly Cobb, who selected Baldwin, was fired by Madison due to her choice of commander. Disappointed, Baldwin and Poole's relationship falls apart and at the request of Baldwin's ex-wife, Karen Baldwin, he is subsequently recruited by Helios Aerospace CEO Dev Ayesa to command their mission to Mars, to the shock of Kelly, who decides to join NASA's Mars mission instead. The damaged orbital hotel Polaris was also purchased by Helios to be used as part of their spacecraft traveling to Mars, now under the name Phoenix.

As NASA's Sojourner-1, Helios' Phoenix and Roscosmos' Mars-94 are in the final stages of departure, North Korea secretly launches a much simpler Soyuz-based ship in September 1994 to land first, albeit without any means to return their two-man crew home. Still smarting from poor public opinion of their space program falling behind, North Korea plan to reveal it is a crewed mission only if they successfully land and the US and Soviets incorrectly assume the mission is instead an unmanned probe.

Soon after launch and their initial trajectory burns and still over 240 million km away from Mars, Phoenix is in the small lead only 30 km in front of Sojourner 1, followed by Mars-94 about 670 km away. Danielle Poole has a peaceful video chat with Ed Baldwin and Kelly. Shortly after, Sojourner 1, while playing pirate-style music, reveals and deploys two solar sails to get ahead of Phoenix, to the shock of Helios. Bill Strausser calculates that they will beat them by 8 days. Dev Ayesa, angered, vows for Phoenix to retake the lead, crashing a monitor.

Kelly Baldwin receives a transmission from Mars-94, in which an unidentified cosmonaut tells her that his colleagues are about to do something "very dangerous" to get ahead of the Americans. The call is abruptly ended, shocking Baldwin.

Later, Mars-94 activates their nuclear engines to accelerate fast enough to pass Sojourner and Phoenix. The gamble fails, and the engines cutoff too early. It is soon revealed to be an engine meltdown, and that the Soviets have roughly 72 hours before the meltdown kills everyone onboard their ship. After debating their next actions, the crew of Phoenix decide to attempt a rescue mission, despite the majority of Helios's Mission Control objecting against it, insisting to let NASA proceed with the rescue of the Soviets. As a result, when Ed tries to proceed with the rescue mission, Dev Ayesa locks manual control of the spacecraft for any of the onboard astronauts, leaving the rescue to Sojourner.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Dex choice to cut him out in The Heist mission isn't as huge as it sounds - as all the consequences are short term. We won't spoil this early on, but betraying Dex only impacts that single mission in a minor way, and doesn't have lasting consequences beyond it. Still, it's framed as a bigger deal at two moments - once when talking to Evelyn Parker, and later on where you decide to tell Dex or not. There's also arguably a moral and strategic element to the choice - betraying a fixer is a big deal in the world of Night City, and while the consequences are short, they say a lot about your V's priorities and what they're willing to do. With all that in mind, we'll lay out the consequences of the Cyberpunk 2077 Dex choice below, whether you should cut him out for Evelyn Parker and what your betrayal can mean for the Heist itself.

The possibility of betraying Dex in Cyberpunk 2077 first comes up when you speak to Evelyn Parker after the braindance in a mission called The Information. This is when you review the braindance to case out the robbery location for Dex. When you're done and about to leave she'll raise the idea of cutting Dex out, so you and her can split the money. V points out that not messing with fixers is pretty much the only rule in Night City that people stick to, and that it's basically a bad idea. You then have the conversation option to say you'll think about it, or you're not interested. At this point it doesn't really matter - you can either say you'll consider it, or outright refuse and it won't make any difference either way to how things play out for now.

The crunch time for dealing with whether or not to betray Dex and cut him out comes when you meet him for a final brief before the big robbery in the Heist mission. You, Jackie and T-bug will all be there to go over the plans before you start the heist proper. As you go over the details a conversation option appears to let you tell Dex about Evelyn Parker's plan. If you ignore it, nothing happens - Dex doesn't know and you carry on with the mission as normal. If you choose instead to tell him about what she was scheming he'll brush it off with barely a mention - because that sort of thing happens all the time apparently - and then increase your job payout to 40% for being honest. 041b061a72

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