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Buy Stowa Watches

The movements in Stowa's watches are mostly ETA movements with significant decoration and, in the case of The Flieger Original, mechanical modifications. Stowa watches are only sold through their online shop for national and international customers or on-site in Engelsbrand with very favorable prices.

buy stowa watches

The style of the Marine Original is visually distinctive, but actually takes its inspiration from a very classic and traditional pocket watch. The contemporary Marine is inspired by naval deck watches produced by Stowa for the German Navy. Stowa only made 288 of these watches between 1938 and 1940. The use on ships required a very accurate and very legible watch. These were the portable evolution of the marine chronometer, and because of this they are the by-product of hundreds of years of naval timekeeping tradition and design.

Deck watches were not intended to replace the marine chronometer, rather to act as a more portable auxiliary timepiece. The distinctive large, clear dials with clear numerals and a well-demarcated minute chapter were all carried over from the chronometers though. The Stowa above even has a wholly luminous (and non-radioactive) dial that has been painted with an ingenious mixture of zinc sulfide and copper. The legible dial was coupled with big movements reliable over long periods of time. Regularity was valued more highly than accuracy, given the role of this watch and that it would be corrected and standardized against the ship's larger marine chronometer.

While both businesses were pretty successful before WW II, the war really took their production numbers up to the next level. Indeed, Laco and Stowa were part of the 5 companies appointed by the Luftwaffe to make watches for the army.

The main difference between Laco and Stowa is that Laco produces watches that are much more representative of the original B-Uhr watch, whereas Stowa creates a modern interpretation of the original watch.

This means that Stowa watches are smaller, have a smoother finish, and are usually a bit more comfortable (curved lugs, softer edges, etc.). Although this makes Stowa the prefered brand, this is not historically accurate at all.

On the other hand, Laco watches are more rugged, square, sharp, and a bit less comfortable than Stowa. However, they truly give the experience of what wearing the original B-Uhr was like (huge case, sharper ends, straight lugs, etc.).

The two watchmakers have quite a big offering filled with lots of different watches, but they each focus on different markets. For example, Laco's centerpiece is certainly the Pilot Watch category, and the great majority of their watches are Fliegers.

On the other hand, Stowa has now expanded its horizons and sells lots of watch categories including Flieger, but also dress, sports, dive, and chronograph watches. Over time, this might dilute Stowa's brand, but they still seem to be the preferred Flieger watch provider for now.

After their 2010 rebranding, Laco introduced a 3-tier pricing strategy for their offering. For instance, you can get their cheaper Miyota 8215-equipped watches for $4-500, their mid-range Miyota 9015-equipped watches for around $7-800, and finally, their high-end Elaborated ETA-equipped pieces for $1000-1500+.

The rest of the movement's specs are the same for the two watches, so Stowa is the clear winner here. Nonetheless, the Top ETA 2824-2 is also available for the Laco Munster, but you'll have to fork out an extra $150.

In summary, Laco offers watches that are truer to the original B-Uhr watch (rougher finish, straight lugs, etc.), whereas Stowa watches are modern interpretations that are more comfortable and better finished.

Much like the Painswick, the Besford in Chestnut has a similar effect in warming up the watches aesthetic. The slightly different tone of brown makes the watch feel a little smarter on the wrist with the final icing on the cake being the white stitching. This picks up on the white lume on the dial to emphasis the watches clean look. Check out the Besford Leather here.

I don't think I can remember a time in my life when watches weren't in my life. I've been writing about watches online for a handful of years now, enjoying every moment of it. I'm passionate about experiencing the world of watches and translating those experiences via articles and images for the wider audience to consume.

The watches, much like the pilots who inspired them, can be a bit ostentatious and inappropriate in more formal settings. Make sure you have the confidence to bend the rules if you choose to wear one with a suit. 041b061a72

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