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Gender In Cross-Cultural Perspective Downloads Torrent ((BETTER))

(University Core Curriculum) (Same as SOC 223) [IAI Course: S7 904D] Examines several theories on gender. Exposes patterns of gendered behaviors, gendered institutions, gendered expectations, and gender inequality. Uses a sociological lens to make sense of the gendered world and to examine the evidence that underlie scholarly arguments and perspectives.

Gender In Cross-Cultural Perspective Downloads Torrent

(Same as AD 307I) (University Core Curriculum) This interdisciplinary course examines women's lives as artists, visual representations of women, and issues of gender distinction in the history of Western art from the medieval period to the present. From perspectives that include social history and cultural anthropology as well as both traditional and feminist art history, the course considers the ways in which the experiences of women and opportunities available to them have historically differed from those of men. The course examines how such differences have affected the emphases, subject matter, and traditions of women's art as well as the ways in which women have been represented.

(Same as ANTH 410L) How do humans become male and female in different societies? Can men become women and women become men? What other gender possibilities exist? Is male dominance universal? What are the sources of male and female power and resistance? Do women have a separate culture? What are the relationships between gender, militarism, and war? These and other questions will be examined in cross-cultural perspective.

(Same as SOC 423) Examines social science theory and research on gender issues and contemporary roles of men and women. The impact of gender on social life is examined on the micro level, in work and family roles, in social institutions, and at the global, cross-cultural level.

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