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I have searched these forums for those words and found nothing. I have done a complete recalibration. After XYZ all OK, it said Bed:OK. Hot End:OK, followed by All Correct. After a short moment to display I will run XYZ cal. now, and without me pressing the knob to accept, the screen went blank then showed a nozzle symbol (I think) in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen with no words. I pressed the button and it carried on with the XYZ cal. At the end it then started "Temp model cal." and starts peeping and shows "Thermal Anomaly". If I try to Unload the Filament, the hot end gets to about 120C, then I get the peeping and "Thermal Anomaly"

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I used pc decrapifier to uninstall lots of programs because revo uninstaller takes a lot of your time just to uninstall a single program. Can I remove the registry keys and folders left behind by pc decrapifier using revo uninstaller?Or do you know of any application that function like decrapifier and revo?

Continue deleting entries until the full Registry has been searched. I prefer to clean the Registry myself versus using a Registry cleaner program. A Registry cleaner utility can often delete important entries you need for a program to work. 041b061a72

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