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Softlock Protection Studio 50 Cracked: The Ultimate Guide to Software Protection

continue down the path to the south-west where a large, cracked boulder blocks the way. the route to the north is blocked by an old mine cart, so proceed around the back of the stone monolith and down the steps. when you reach the bottom, kill the drowner on the right and drop down the hole to the west to obtain a high-powered rifle. pick up the rest of the standard ammo and the grenade launcher and continue down the passage to the south-west. head west through the red wall for a second time and follow the path to the south-west and the room with the blue spell. break the wall to reach the ledge, then head up the ladders to the next level.

softlock protection studio 50 cracked


to trigger softlock, players will need to be able to defeat the last enemy in the arena. if the last enemy is a clone, the game will not softlock, but if the last enemy is a warrior ghost, a rocket will kill the ghost, which will immediately softlock the game. the glitch can be triggered with any rocket launcher-wielding character, but it is easier to trigger it with bonnie's rocket launcher, as she is the only character that can easily kill the last enemy with a rocket.

after the first playthrough, players will find out that the second run is not necessary to be triggered. the glitch can be triggered in the same way as the first playthrough, but the second playthrough triggers the glitch without the player's input. the tutorial will not have a button for the glitch, but it will say something like "the first time, the last enemy was a warrior ghost that was defeated with a rocket. the second time, the last enemy will be a clone that has been defeated." there is no button to trigger the glitch, but it will be on the map with a warning sign. the warning sign for this glitch says "the last enemy was a warrior ghost." if the player accidentally presses the button on the tutorial map during this glitch, the player will instantly softlock the game. this glitch is similar to the infinity softlock glitch, as the glitch can be caused by pressing the button during a specific glitch, or by pressing the button during the third playthrough, or by pressing the button during the second playthrough. if the button is pressed during the glitch and the player dies, the game will softlock.

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