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Watch Smallville S02 (11)

Tollin/Robbins Productions originally wanted to do a series about a young Bruce Wayne, but the feature-film division of Warner Bros. decided to develop an origin movie for Batman and did not want to compete with a television series.[4] In 2000, Tollin/Robbins approached Peter Roth, president of Warner Bros. Television, about developing a series on a young Superman. That year, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar developed a pilot based on the film Eraser. After watching the pilot, Roth approached Gough and Millar about developing a pilot about a young Superman;[4] the two made a "no tights, no flights" rule that Clark would not fly or wear the Superman suit during the series.[63]

Watch Smallville S02 (11)


Composer Mark Snow worked with producer Ken Horton to create Smallville's score. Snow composed music as he watched the picture, and tweaked his performance when he reviewed his initial recordings. He then sent the music to the producers, who sent it back for recomposition if needed. Individual episodes have their own soundtrack, comprising one (or more) songs. Jennifer Pyken and Madonna Wade-Reed of Daisy Music looked for songs for the soundtrack. Their choices were discussed by the producers, who decided which songs they wanted and secured their rights. Although Snow said it initially seemed odd to combine two types of music on a "typical action-adventure" television show, "the producers seem to like the contrast of the modern songs and the traditional, orchestral approach to the score".[77]

Millar stated that Smallville "visually and aesthetically, was a celebration of Americana", with aspects such as Clark's red, white, and blue apparel. Being an "idyllic portrait of America", he said, helped the show's popularity after the September 11 attacks on the United States. Actors reported that many United States military veterans told them of watching the show as a distraction from combat while serving overseas.[155]

Allison Mack's character, Chloe Sullivan, has starred in two promotional tie-in series: Smallville: Chloe Chronicles, and Vengeance Chronicles. Two volumes of Chloe Chronicles totaled eleven mini-episodes. In the first volume Chloe investigated events leading to the death of Earl Jenkins, who held Chloe and her friends hostage at the LuthorCorp plant in the first-season episode "Jitters". It aired from April 29 to May 20, 2003 to AOL subscribers.[189] After the first volume received positive responses from viewers, the second volume was created as a continuation with Sam Jones III as Pete Ross. This volume used the Smallville comic books as a secondary tie-in to the series. Viewers could watch Smallville, Chloe's Chronicles and finish with the Smallville comic book, which would provide an "enhanced backstory to the online segments".[190] The later series, Vengeance Chronicles, is a spin-off of the fifth-season episode "Vengeance". In this series Chloe joins a costumed vigilante, whom she calls the "Angel of Vengeance", to expose Lex Luthor's Level 33.1 experiments on meteor-infected people.[191]

Apart from the classical Superman mythology, the creative team developed more of the show's take on Superman lore. In this instance, the Smallville team wanted to get rid of Clark's spaceship in the finale, because they felt that the characters would not realistically travel to the storm cellar that often. With the introduction of the Kawatche caves in season two, the creative team had the Kryptonian connection they needed in order to safely rid themselves of the spaceship.[18] "Rush" provided an expansion on the mythology within the show as well, by explaining that Kryptonians had been to Smallville before Clark.[22]

The twenty-second episode of the season, "Calling", initially had a different opening sequence involving Clark and Lana. In the original version, Clark and Lana were staying up late to watch a comet through Clark's telescope. Through the dialogue exchange between Clark and Lana, there was supposed to be a correlation between the arrival of the comet and Clark and Lana's relationship status. The comet also signified the arrival of Jor-El, Clark's biological father, and Clark's departure from Smallville. Unfortunately, the effect for the comet was expensive, and if they cut the comet they had to cut the dialogue because it would have made no sense if you could not see the comet. Instead, the scene was rewritten to be about Lana visiting Clark at midnight to celebrate his birthday.[35]

Sometimes the cleanup is a last minute job that could not be completed during production. In "Fever", time constraints forced the production team to rely on Entity FX to create the Talon marquee that hangs outside of the building, something that they typically do not do.[41] While filming the shots in Hamilton's lab that involved kryptonite, the special effects team had to go in during post-production for "Duplicity" and make the kryptonite glow, because the material used in production to make the kryptonite glow did not photograph well.[14] A last minute change in the storyline for "Skinwalker" required Entity FX to digitally adjust the opening teaser. In the original scene that was filmed, a wolf watched the aftermath of an explosion at the LuthorCorp construction site. It was decided that the wolf would watch the explosion as it happened, so Entity FX had to go back to the scene and recompose it. Hiding the head of the trainer who was holding onto the wolf, Entity FX digitally corrected the color composition and the lighting around the wolf so that it appears as though the explosion was occurring right in front of the wolf.[16]

In order to escape his father, Clark decides to use a kryptonite key to destroy his spaceship. When Clark puts the kryptonite key into the spaceship, Beck and his FX team tried to create a "virus/fungus" growth from the key slot to simulate "some sort of fractal decay". Mike McCormick worked specifically on the process of destroying the ship, giving the ship the appearance that it has a "nasty skin infection" that is spreading as if it is caught in the circulatory system. Next, Beck had to tackle the problem of the ship's final destruction. Originally, it was intended to have the ship explode, but no one wanted to have to rebuild the Kent farm. Instead, they settled on a giant EMP wave given off by the ship the moment it is destroyed. Entity FX created a beam of light that shot vertically up from the ship's location and then fell back down expanding into a "ripple that spread across the land". This beam of light would create a crater where the storm cellar was, which was dug prior to filming and digitally covered up so as to keep the illusion. One of the final shots of the episode was of Lex watching as his plane crashed into the ocean. In a homage to Robert Zemeckis's Cast Away, Entity FX crafted a digital effect of the ocean water flooding Lex's plane as it hits the ocean. The scene is reminiscent of the same scene in Cast Away where Tom Hanks's character also watches as the ocean water floods his plane as he crash lands in the ocean.[18]

In addition, I was able to track down a way to watch Professionals, the Tom Welling show developed in Europe that also starred Brendan Fraser. Quick Review: This is a 10-episode series that is a bit rough given the production company limitations. I will say that it gets better and Eps 6-9 are comparable to any other show out there, IMO. This is because of how and where they are set for story purposes, but the writing seems better here. Welling is the best part of the show. I know, I'm biased, but he steals the scenes that he is in. The big surprise is Fraser, and not in a good way. I enjoyed the Mummy movies... but he has not aged that well. And, his acting seems to have taken a hit. The international chicken soup of co-stars has good and bad elements, but all-in-all, it's worth a watch for Welling alone.

The caravan is suddenly caught under fire by the local terrorist cell loyal to the warlord of the regime who fires RPG weaponry at the UN transport. Lois is caught in the crossfire but manages to find protection under one of the turned over vehicles, unfortunately, her wrist is caught and the signal watch she was wearing got damaged as a soldier pulled her out to safety as an incoming missile hit the same vehicle. Just as the truck flew above her head and was about to crash upon her, Lois is saved by a "Red-Blue Blur", Lois assumes it's Clark and proceeds to thank him until she makes a shocking discovery that her rescuer is Lana Lang.

Meanwhile, Lana and Lois are hiding from John Corben behind a car. Lois says to Lana that Clark gave her a watch that could be used as an alarm for him if she would ever be in danger but she realizes that she lost it apparently. When Lois sees the military helicopters she realizes that they are her father's men but she is worried because as she says the only thing Corben needs is more metal and especially helicopters blades to use against them. John magnetizes the helicopter's blades, making the helicopter fall from the sky.

Guided by its notorious "no flights, no tights" rule, Smallville took a very slow approach to the Man of Steel's mythology, often searching for the most grounded and least ridiculous take on some of the comic's stranger material. For example, the show's second and third seasons tied Clark's Kryptonian origins to the Kawatche caves found in Smallville, Mister Mxyzptlk (Trent Ford) wore all black instead of his colorful impish attire, and Brainiac (James Marsters) was given a very human-like appearance. That being said, the show started to embrace the canon more and more as it progressed, especially with the introductions of Lois Lane (Erica Durance) in season 4, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) in season 6, and many members of the Justice League. Smallville's glacial but steady pace toward super-suits and heroes over the course of 10 seasons paved the way for Arrow and the rest of the CW's shared superhero universe, which picked up the torch and ran with it a year after Smallville ended in 2011. 041b061a72

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