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Barbie Sissy =LINK=

STOCKINGS ARE SEXY!!!! Seriously, on those nice smooth legs, stockings will make your legs 10x sexier, and feminine, just how a sissy sluts legs should look. (Also, you can cheat here. If you have fine hair like me, just be lazy; shave your legs real close with the hair buzzer, then put on some black/nude sheer stockings, and your legs will look sexy smooth for photos!). Stockings can also help manage the appearance of your legs. They make them look longer and more tone. They also create a nice consistent color! Nothing is sexier than rubbing your smooth nylon legs together. It drives most crazy. (I love it when I guy rubs his hands over my stocking legs, and tears at the rump to get to my, lady parts hehe)

Barbie Sissy

Welcome to sissy school - class is in session, for you to up your sissy game! In this clip I discuss and educate you on picking your true "whore" colour, where to buy cheap trashy lingerie discreetly (you don't deserve the fancy stuff, that's for Goddesses only!) all the different types of acceptable lingerie for your whore uniform, and how you can get your slutty hands on a "LatexBarbie" sissy kit - crafted with love by me! What are you waiting for? Your new life as my sissy slut begins now! 041b061a72

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