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Hidden Feelings [v0.3] [HOT]

Mermaid AuJean meet this weirdo named Marco in the worst of ways, the more he get to know him the more mixed up his feelings get. What is he hiding? And what does it have to do with him? Beaches, clubs, and late night swimming slowly begin to fill in the missing pieces.

Hidden Feelings [v0.3]


Eren Jaeger is terrorized everyday by local bad boy Levi Ackerman. What Eren doesn't know is that Levi actually holds secret feelings for him, but doesn't know how to show it. But will one surprising reaction lead to a new development?AU where your heart glows when you hold your soul mates hand.Inspired by the song Baby It's Fact by HellogoodbyeAlso, glowing hearts idea was from tumblr, but the story and alterations to that idea are mine

God I love this one! So much unresolved! I really hope she was awake at least some of the time, would be a cute way for her to find out his feelings! Part of me wants a Part 2 and part of me likes it to be left like this

Kaoru wakes up in the hospital in a fury - and hurting and embarrassed and upset, but those are less consuming. Sweetly wrenching soft moments that bring into the open feelings that neither Kaoru nor Kojiro have truly done much to conceal.

Louis and harry are models who are.put together for an ad. They start a friend with benefits agreement which turns into real feelings but harry doesnt want to scare louis away. He tries to get over louis, louis shows up but a misunderstanding about alex and louis leaves. They finally get together after harry takes louis the jumper

On the other issues, though, I'm happy to report much more success. v0.3 now has an Open URL context menu command, allows drag and drop of field values, fixes the bug with dragging and dropping attachments, and fixes the bug with protecting fields.

1) I quite like this, actually - several of my entries don't use the standard fields either. I've got a nagging feeling there's a good reason not to do it, though, as the standard fields are never "not present", only "blank string", whereas custom fields can be "not present" and "present with a blank string" - so you'd end up with slightly different behaviour when you did, for example, Select All and Backspace on a standard field if I made them hidden when blank. I'm going to try it out anyway, and see what it's like to live with. If it seems OK, I'll include it in the next update and see if anyone complains!

Paul, thanks for your comment. What I was thinking was that the "(add new)" insertion row could be used to add standard fields when they were hidden. So in your example, after copying the URL, the user would double click (add new), pick "URL" from the list, and enter the value there. It makes it consistent with the way you would add other fields which weren't visible, but in your example, is clearly less convenient. I'm a bit on the fence about this one. On the one hand, do the standard fields really need special treatment over all other fields? They might not be the only ones that I'd always want present for ease of filling in with new entries. On the other, they are de-facto special cases in the way the KeePass treats them elsewhere.

The disruption of non-verbal communication due to the loss of facial expression recognition under the mask can increase feelings of insecurity, discouragement and numbness as well as isolation, which can be extremely stressful for the mentally and hearing-impaired [16].

Surgical mask type and N95 protective equipment frequently caused adverse effects in medical personnel such as headaches, breathing difficulties, acne, skin irritation, itching, decreased alertness, decreased mental performance and feelings of dampness and heat [19,29,37,71,85]. Subjective, work performance-reducing, mask-related impairments in users, measured with special survey scores and Likert scales, have also been described in other studies [15,21,27,32,35,43,66,67,68,72,96,99].

In an experimental British research study, the masks frequently led to feelings of heat (p

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