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Invicta Buy One Get One

Invicta Watch Company is a Swiss watchmaker that has been producing quality timepieces since 1837. The company is known for its innovative designs and craftsmanship, and its watches are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Invicta Watch Company offers a Buy 2 Get 4 Free promotion on its website,

invicta buy one get one

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You can contact Invicta's customer service team at 1-844-468-4282. They can answer your questions about products as well as take orders over the phone. For detailed inquiries, they can be reached at

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Has the amount been debited, but didn't you receive an order confirmation yet? Sometimes it can take a little longer for the payment to be fully processed. If you didn't receive an order confirmation within one hour (also check your spam box), please contact our customer service via Mention your name and include a screenshot of your bank statement, then one of our employees can verify your payment and send you the order confirmation.

Please contact our customer service at Clearly state your name, order number and discount code in the email. After verification by our support team, the discount amount will be refunded. Refunds can only be made via the method you used to pay for your order.

The red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) escaped its natural enemies when it was introduced into North America in the 1930s from South America. US efforts have focused on discovery of natural enemies, like viruses, to provide sustainable control of the ant. Nine new virus genomes were sequenced from the invasive fire ant Solenopsis invicta using metagenomic RNA sequencing. The virus genomes were verified by Sanger sequencing and random amplification of cDNA ends reactions. In addition to the nine new virus genomes, the previously described Solenopsis viruses were also detected, including Solenopsis invicta virus 1 (SINV-1), SINV-2, SINV-3, SINV-4, SINV-5, and Solenopsis invicta densovirus. The virus sequences came from S. invicta workers, larvae, pupae, and dead workers taken from midden piles collected from across the ant's native range in Formosa, Argentina. One of the new virus genomes (Solenopsis invicta virus 6) was also detected in populations of North American S. invicta. Phylogenetic analysis of the RNA dependent RNA polymerase, the entire nonstructural polyprotein, and genome characteristics were used to tentatively taxonomically place these new virus genome sequences; these include four new species of Dicistroviridae, one Polycipiviridae, one Iflaviridae, one Totiviridae, and two genome sequences that were too taxonomically divergent to be placed with certainty. The S. invicta virome is the best characterized from any ant species and includes 13 positive-sense, single-stranded RNA viruses (Solenopsis invicta virus 1 to Solenopsis invicta virus 13), one double-stranded RNA virus (Solenopsis midden virus), and one double-stranded DNA virus (Solenopsis invicta densovirus). These new additions to the S. invicta virome offer potentially new classical biological control agents for S. invicta. 041b061a72

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