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Jonathan Turner

Days Gone Is A Bland, Boring, And Buggy Blunder |TOP|

Days gone was good but if i remember right it came after alot of top quality sony titles so the okay reviews stood out more. Plus it did release buggy at the time when people were really getting fed up of the release now, patch later mentality

Days Gone is a Bland, Boring, and Buggy Blunder

Days gone is a amazing game.its one of my favorite ps4 games ever.the gameplay is fun.and the graphics is wonderful.the story is really good.i play days gone on my ps4 pro and i didn't not have no issues.days gone is a fun game.days gone is going to down in several years as a underrated classic.word up son

Days gone was an excellent game. Possibly it could have been improved with another 6 months in the oven. However if Sony aren't going to use the IP why not sell it to another Dev to create a days gone 2.

Almost every studio releases buggy games at launch these days. I never buy new release games for that reason. I'll let all the day one buyers find and complain about the bugs and let the devs fix the game before I buy it. In fact I never bought this game, per se, I got it free as a PS Plus game. It had zero bugs that I noticed, and the story and gameplay were awesome. It's become one of my favorite games. Sure, I got to the party late, but I got to enjoy it without all the bugs.

@Cloud7794 it sold over 9m copies which isn't that far off from ghost of tsushima, a supposed "very successful" game for sony. sales of days gone were solid for a new IP. sony just didn't like the negative press and metacritic score

I actually ended up loving my time with days gone, it took a few tries to get into it but once I was in, I was fully strapped in and was along for the ride, actually enjoyed the story and how long it was.

THE night of our third day found us at thewagoner's cottage on the top of the Blue RidgeMountains. As we climbed our slow and painfulway up to the ruddy little light that beckoned usfrom its wild and eerie perch, moonlight andstarlight fell upon snow-capped cliffs and intodeep valleys, touching them into solemn, mysticalbeauty. It was as if we had lost ourselves in theclear, white stillness of the enchanted SnowKingdom that had enthralled and terrified us inthe happy days of fairy tales. But there wasnothing magical about the cottage when wefinally got there, or the welcome, or the supper.Instead of fairies and cowslip dew and bread oflily pollen, we had a delightfully wholesome,plump Virginia housewife, a Virginia welcome,and, above all, a Virginia supper.

We left the man in the tree, but promised tosend him help. There was a house two milesfrom the creek, and to this we drove. It was fullof people; the parlor was full, the halls were full,and the kitchen and the bedrooms were full ofmen, women, and children. It reminded me of acountry funeral where people are piled up in thehalls, on the steps, and everywhere a person canstand or sit. Soldiers were always passing to andfro in those days and stopping for the night atany convenient wayside place, and as for nottaking a soldier in - well, public opinion madeit hot for the man who would not shelter awayfaring soldier and share the last crust withhim. The house held a large number of soldiersthat night, and in addition a water-boundwedding-party. On this side the creek was thegroom; on the other side the bride. The groomhad on his good clothes - good clothes were ararity then - but he looked most woebegone.We told the people in the house about theman in the tree; and every man in the housewent down to see about him.

What that message was I never did hear,though the little Frenchman did his best to deliverand I to receive it. I got enough out of him,however, to know that Dan was well and on hisway to Richmond. I also understoodthat he was not far from Richmond now,but what was detaining him I could not make out,though the little Frenchman, with many apologies,conveyed the hint to me that it was a delicatematter. After he was gone I wondered why Iwas so stupid as not to get the little man'saddress so that I could send some friends whounderstood French after him. From what he hadsaid I had inferred that my husband would bewith me the following day. I watched in a feverof impatience, but two days passed and no Dan.

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