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Things To Buy For College Freshmen

Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your first year at college. These are just suggestions; be sure to adjust this list as needed for your specific needs and residence hall setup. To save packing time and shipping charges, it might make sense to buy some of these items after you arrive. It might also make sense to pack for one season at a time and switch items when you go home during breaks.

things to buy for college freshmen

Surge protectors will protect expensive electronics from a power surge and have multiple outlets and/or USB ports for all the electronic devices that students bring to college. They are preferable to extension cords which many schools ban. This one has a six-foot cord, six adapter outlets, and two USB charging ports.

For students who share a bathroom with suitemates, this item can be left off the list if they can leave their toiletries in the bathroom. But anyone making a trek down the hall with shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap dish, soap, deodorant, and a towel needs to bring a shower caddy to college.

Many retailers have free shipping and other special savings for college students, so read the fine print and take advantage of every offer. Your student may have to provide their .edu email address to be eligible, which seems like a fair ask to unlock the savings.

Mary Dell is the co-founder of Grown and Flown, the #1 site for parents of teens, college students and young adults, reaching millions of parents every month. She started the Grown and Flown Parents Facebook Group and is co-author of Grown and Flown: How to Support Your Teen, Stay Close as a Family, and Raise Independent Adults (Flatiron Books) now in paperback.

Single Stop is a nonprofit organization that partners with colleges and other organizations to help connect low-income individuals with public and community resources. In the Single Stop model, the institution sets up a Single Stop office on campus, providing space and at least one dedicated staff member. The staff member receives training, tools, and support from Single Stop.

Colleges and universities often have surplus resources that could be useful for students struggling with basic needs insecurity. For example, 22 million pounds of food get thrown away on college campuses every year, presenting a ripe opportunity to capture unnecessary waste and connect surplus food with students who need it.

The first year of college is hard enough on its own, as students learn their way around campus, figure out how to study and balance classes, and make new friends. It's been much harder for this year's freshmen, who spent more than half of their high-school careers dealing with the disruptions of the pandemic.

To get a feel for what that transition has been like, we asked first-year students from around the country one question: What is something they missed out on in high school because of the pandemic, and how did that affect their first semester in college?

The transition to college was a little rough initially. I was trying to figure out where I fit in. It was hard mentally to transition to college. I was out of my comfort zone. I needed to rebuild myself and my identity.

What helped me was getting a job as a College of Engineering student ambassador. I learn new things about the campus every day and meet a lot of people on and off campus. I am becoming more outgoing. Now I ride my scooter around campus and have a "What do I have to lose?" attitude.

We also forgot how to separate work from life because during the pandemic the two were the same. Rather than setting those two things apart it's like study, study, study and then sit on your phone for a break. I'm guilty of that too and it means you can't unwind.

At Stanford, 18.5% of the Class of 2023 is first-generation. About 41% of undergraduates in the University of California system and nearly one-third of California State University students are the first in their families to attend college. And COVID-19 has made it a difficult year for all students.

My freshman year, I initially joined the First Generation Low Income Partnership as an intern and now I am the co-president of the organization. On Thanksgiving, we do programming for students who were unable to go back home during the week. We got funds to buy a bunch of goodies and students could come by, pick up a bag, and shop around for things. I want them to know that there are people on campus who care about their wellbeing and that they belong here.

Kris Hui, a lifestyle Youtuber and San José State University Alumnus, recalls bringing 30 pairs of shoes for her first semester at college. Her side of the closet could only fit three pairs, leaving rain boots and flats sprawled across her room.

Some college policies have low coverage maximums, which could leave you with thousands of dollars in uninsured expenses. Your child can also buy an individual policy through the local health insurance exchange (search by state at

We often counsel buying in bulk to save money, but that almost never breaks right for college students, who generally do not have the storage space for enough bath and shower products for a full school year. Instead, bring a normal set of toiletries and replenish when needed. Many campuses have Amazon Hub, a locker delivery service where products can be shipped and picked up by students.

Every year I work with eager (and anxious) high school and college students preparing for a career in medicine. What I want students to know is that medical schools admissions is not a mystery. In fact, when students attend my live and virtual information sessions, I try to make the process of getting into medical school as clear as possible because the United States is in desperate need of more doctors. Below are some things you should know as you prepare for a medical career.

Not in college yet? Opportunity U sat down with Andre Lawson, Coordinator for Outreach and Recruitment at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, to talk about what high school students need to know about how to become a doctor.

COLLEGE TIP: Before you buy anything, sit down and make a needs and wants college pack list, and then narrow the dorm move in checklist down! It may take a couple of passes through before you get it to a manageable list of things I need for college versus things I want for college.

See our full list of dorm recommendations and what every college student needs for their dorm below! Keep scrolling for everything you need for a dorm room without packing too much into college rooms!

For your lists for college dorm rooms and list of things to bring to college, there are things that a college freshman really needs to bring (sheets and pillowcases) and there are other things that they definitely need to leave at home (three boxes of video games).

COLLEGE TIP: If you have a college roommate or are rooming with one of your best friends, split the common items / things to bring to dorms you both need and things for common areas to save time and money.

IMPORTANT THING: Make a college needs list / college necessities list with your graduate. That way when people ask what gifts to get your student for graduation, you have a list that you can share with others!

This funding has been a necessary lifeline to aid colleges in meeting urgent public health needs to prevent and respond to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to a recent survey of college presidents conducted by the American Council on Education, nearly 90 percent of institutions used HEERF to purchase COVID-19 tests, conduct health screening, and meet other urgent health needs. Colleges have also used funds to support the continued enrollment and re-enrollment of students while expanding access to programs that lead to in-demand jobs.

Connecting students to other federal resources to address basic needsThe Department is also sending a Dear Colleague Letter to all public and private higher education institutions informing them that they can use Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) data to communicate with students about other public benefits programs that they may be eligible for, such as SNAP and the Affordable Connectivity Program. The letter encourages colleges to coordinate with campus stakeholders, like student organizations, financial aid administrators, or student life groups, to inform their campus community of these benefits.

College move-in day is a much-anticipated rite of passage for college freshman. Having a good college packing list can make move in go more smoothly and help you ensure that they have what they need to be comfortable and safe.

If your college kid is flying to and from school, you will also want to add the gift of an annual travel insurance plan to the packing list. An annual travel insurance plan protects their trips all year long including flight cancellations, travel delays, and lost, delayed, or damaged baggage.

Before we sent our daughter off to college in Arizona, I made sure she was covered by an AllTrips Premier annual travel insurance plan from Allianz Travel. Allianz Travel has been our trusted travel insurance provider for years and the investment has paid off in multitudes. Not only do I know that her trips to school and back are protected, but since she is an inexperienced solo traveler, it gives us both peace of mind knowing that she has access to a 24-hour hotline for assistance on all sorts of travel emergencies.

Ship college dorm essentials ahead of time to a storage locker or the school, if they allow it. Be sure to check the college website to see what shipping and storage options are available. I know some schools also offer packages to purchase through the school with all the college necessities for guys.

Entering or returning to college is an exciting time for young adults. Students and parents hope for experiences to last a lifetime. For many students, the years at college are a time of discovery and growth. 041b061a72

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